Friday, 21 August 2009

Cheap motor insurance - Is My Motor Insurance Quote Cheap Too Good To Be True?

Q: I have been shopping for car insurance and i got a very cheap motor insurance quote from a specific company. It was almost half of what was next quote. This is likely to be a legitimate company?

A: cheap motorcycle insurance quote is one thing, but a company may not be able to offer one that is less than half of what they can offer the nearest competitor.
Car insurance business is very competitive and if the company can offer a policy for half of what they can offer their competition with fast becoming a leader in the industry.

Car insurance company collects money from customers, issued a claim, and the rest is profit. By collecting money from the company's competition with the cheaper price will quickly reduce their profit margins to the point they will lose money.

It is possible that the insurance company that offers a cheaper offer you their "come on" rate. This is designed to get their agents or the website where you will later find out the actual quote is much higher than the original quote.

Good for you to find cheap motorcycle insurance quote, but make sure that quote is verified and legit before making a decision on coverage.


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