Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chemicals and impotence

One of the better short stories dealing with alien invasions is The Screwfly Solution, written under a pseudonym by Alice Sheldon. It assumes aliens would find it too much trouble to use military force to wipe us off the face of the Earth. They would prefer to let us die out. Curiously, this builds on and anticipates many of our own uses of chemicals that induce impotence or infertility. Without any help from aliens, humans are doing their best to reduce their own numbers. One of the most common of the modern chemicals is Bisphenol A (BPA) which is used to harden plastic products and make epoxy resin. You will find it in hundreds of different types of container used to store or carry food. It's also used to coat the inside of drinks cans and to harden the plastics used in the manufacture of sports equipment, cars and some medical devices. In other words, it's hard to avoid eating food stored in it and touching things made with it.

There's now a small mountain of evidence out of China that workers exposed to high levels of BPA suffer loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and impotence. This adds to all the other evidence of health problems now being considered by the FDA including behavioural changes, early onset of puberty in girls, obesity and cancer. Next year, it's due to announce whether the use of BPA is to be limited in the US. The FDA already accepts that babies and children are potentially most at risk - a fact disputed by the manufacturers. Indeed, in many countries, baby bottles made with BPA have been banned. This latest evidence out of China is clear evidence of reproductive problems in adults. But, before panicking, we need to see the Chinese evidence in context. All these workers were exposed to significantly higher levels of BPA than would be encountered in the real world. No matter how many cans of soda and beer you drank, you would not consume the same amount of BPA. Nevertheless, BPA does leach into food and drink from its packaging. In November, Consumer Reports published the result of tests showing BPA in the majority of the brand-name canned foods on sale in US stores. This included juice, soups, vegetables and fish. According to industry experts, the evidence to date is no more than suggestive of a link between BPA and impotence. We will have to wait for the FDA to complete its review for the government's view.

Until then, men should seriously consider avoiding the use of anything made with BPA, and stop eating and drinking out of cans. You should consider switching to bottled beer. This is the precautionary principle. You avoid the potential danger until you have clear evidence it is safe. Once you have reduced your intake of BPA, this should reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. If you do have problems, use cialis - now the leading brand in many countries. This comes in two different versions. One giving you thirty-six hours of sexual response, taken as needed. The other taken once-daily gives response round the clock. There is no better drug on the market for giving completely natural and hard erections whenever you are sexually stimulated. Buy cialis and find out why it has become the top brand.


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